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Since 1977, mats.org has assisted thousands of organizations and individuals in finding transportation, including:

  • Mission organizations and staff
  • Churches and staff
  • Para-church ministries and staff
  • Humanitarian organizations and staff
  • Schools, Counselors, and Teachers
  • Colleges & Universities and their staff
  • Missionaries
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Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

The Founding Years

In 1977, Chuck Schroth founded Missionary Auto and Truck Service (MATS) as a 501c3 non-profit, to assist missionaries returning from overseas to purchase vehicles by brokering cars from dealerships. By the mid 1980s, Chuck was working exclusively with Mike Nottingham, a Ford dealer in Richmond, IN to source vehicles. Mike then hired Tom Daugherty as a full time MATS employee working out of the Ford dealership in Richmond.

MATS International takes shape

In 1995, Chuck retired and Mike became the Trustee of MATS, with Tom continuing to operate MATS.  During this time, Tom and Mike began working with International needs by sourcing new vehicles from Japan and importing them into the mission field, primarily in Africa.  The name of MATS was changed to MATS International in light of this new area of focus, and MATS continued to serve in this way for the next decade.  

A New Era of Leadership

In early 2006, as a recent seminary grad, Josh Nottingham became President of MATS.   

In 2007, the Nottingham family left the world of franchise dealerships to develop the MATS custom search model, providing people with the easiest way to buy the right car. 

In 2008, MATS starts our short term leasing program.

In 2011, MATS moves the sales and development team to Indianapolis and invests in a full blown reconditioning center in Richmond Indiana.    

An Exciting Future
(2017 and beyond)

At the beginning of 2017, MATS began a 6 month process of refocusing and planning the next phase of MATS.  Our ministry focus has been the calling card of MATS for over 30 years, but we’ve been getting more and more requests to help “friends and family” of those in ministry that are learning how broken the car industry has become.  The name was changed to mats.org, and we’ve officially opened up our services to friends, family, and supporters of ministry, while not losing our focus on full-time ministry folks.