Ethel and Mic Dodge-890896-edited

I first heard about MATS from a friend of mine (Karl Dortzbach) who has purchased from you with great satisfaction. He visited me in early February of this year–2017. I contacted you right away and requested quite a few specifics I wanted in a Dodge Journey. Within just a few days you contacted me with news of success in finding almost exactly what I wanted. You made some modifications which brought the Journey even closer to perfection. It was delivered to my door on February 18, ready to drive. You and Karen Chaney took care of all the necessary payment and title issues, which made it a very smooth transaction. I have recommended MATS to several of my colleagues in ministry and will continue to do so. Thank you for getting a beautiful vehicle for me.

Sincerely in CHRIST,
Michael (Mick) Knierim

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