Odds are, if you’re looking to buy a car, you’ve been searching third party review sites to inform your buying decision. Your search might include reviews on dealers, reviews on car manufacturers and reviews on the vehicle models themselves. You might search for the top ten safest cars, the five vehicles with the best fuel economy or a list of all models with lumbar support. It’s a lot of work. And the amount of data you’ll produce during your search can be enough to bring you to a screeching halt.


In fact, buyers average 11 hours of online research during their car-buying journey. That’s in addition to an average of 3.5 hours non-Internet research, such as visiting dealers and asking other trusted experts for recommendations. That 14.5 hours of research comes to almost two days of work at your full time job; three date nights with your spouse; or even a marathon game session with your friends.

After all the time it takes to collect your data, you then need to sift through and analyze it. That analysis can take awhile, considering all the information you’ll find. When you have pages and pages full of lists and suggestions from experts, it can be difficult to pare it down to the one choice you’re ultimately trying to make.


Studies show that the more options you have, the harder it can be to make a decision. This is true even in the more trivial decisions you make every day, like choosing a brand of detergent or toothpaste; so your mind magnifies that much more the difficulty of choosing a car, which is clearly a bigger commitment than what soap you wash your clothes with until the container runs out.

Even the sheer amount of available features can add to your buying confusion. Not only do you want to know which cars have the features you know you want, but you also find all this information out there about features you didn’t know were even available. Are they important? Do you need to research them more and add them to your list of needs? Here’s where you can come up against car search burnout.

If you’ve ever browsed a car lot, you’ve probably experienced that overwhelmed feeling. The research you’ve done online, paired with that you’ll get at the dealership, can crowd your mind until you feel like giving up.


MATS.org understands. We have all stood paralyzed in the deodorant aisle, not sure whether the spray can, the invisible solid or the plain white stick will serve us best. While you’re on your own with the deodorant thing, our car-buying specialists are here to help with getting the RIGHT new car in your driveway.

When you contact MATS.org at the beginning of your car-buying journey, we’ll discuss with you your lifestyle to find out what you really need from a new car. If you have a young family, we’ll note that you need to fit carseats in the backseat. If you have a long commute, we’ll add fuel economy, and maybe even XM radio, to the list.

Our car-buying specialists have daily experience matching drivers to cars, so we know what features are need-to-have and which are nice-to-have for your particular situation. We live in the car-buying space, so we take away the necessity you feel to quickly become an expert.

If you need a new car but are feeling overwhelmed, get in touch with us today at MATS.org. We’re looking forward to making this the EASIEST car-buying decision you’ve ever made.

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