Short-Term Leasing

Whether you are a missionary looking to lease a vehicle while on furlough, or an organization in need of vehicles for short term use, can help with our easy and low-risk leasing program. We offer newer, reliable vehicles for short term use in the United States. This service is particularly helpful to meet the needs of missionaries on furlough or short term travel for ministry fundraising. This service is utilized by denominations, ministries, schools or missions agencies to help save on transportation expenses.

Peak Season (May 1 – Sept 30) Value Season (October 1 – April 30)
Mid Size Sedan (Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla)
4 passengers/2-3 bags
$475-$575*/mo – $24/day $425-$525*/mo – $22/day
Minivan (Dodge Grand Caravan, Toyota Sienna)
7 passengers/4 bags
$895-$995*/mo – $39/day $825-$925*/mo – $34/day

*5-9 month leases are $50/month less than top rate and 9+ month leases are $100/month less than top rate

Additional Leasing Information: