Why is it that going to the dentist is the most common way to describe unwanted and unavoidable experiences?  Well, maybe it’s because when you go to the dentist you’re going to have somebody with a mumbley mask get up in your personal space and poke around in your mouth.  They’ll probably get out their fancy tiny mirrors and look at all the places you can’t really see for yourself. Then, they might tell you that you have a cavity, you need a root canal, you should get an electric toothbrush, or you need to floss more.  And lastly, you may walk out with clean teeth but usually you’ll end up leaving with some sort of ache in your mouth.

Going to the dentist isn’t something people jump out of their seat for and these days car buying can feel the same way.  We think it’s for a lot of the same reasons.

Like dentists dealers;


  • Get all up in your personal space- They push you to buy this car or that car and they poke around with sales antics to try and up-sell you.


  • Claim to see what you can’t- There’s a lot you can’t see in a car without specific tools, skills, or knowledge.  You’ll have to rely on a dealer or mechanic to see it for you. You end up crossing your fingers in hopes that they shoot it to you straight.


  • Tell you the unexpected- They lay on extra fees or features you may not want.  Or worse, you figure out the unexpected for yourself six months later when something stops working in your car.


  • Leave you with an ache- From what people tell us, buying a car leaves you with a sense of unease.  You may never truly know if you got a good deal or if you made the right decision.


The reason none of us like going to the dentist is because of that ache.  It’s bad enough that you have to spend your time getting poked at, but the fact that the annoyance doesn’t end there; see that’s the bummer.  Buying a car can be the same.  Recently an AutoTrader survey concluded that 69 percent of car shoppers surveyed have experienced buyers remorse; the car buying aches at its finest.  With buying cars there’s no take backs after a certain, short period of time and the first step to insuring you don’t join the 69 percent of regretful buyers is to know what you are looking for.  We get it, cars are complex which makes it not so easy to identify what type of car will be your best option.

But, buying a car doesn’t have to feel like going in to get your teeth pulled or walking into an unknown situation.  You don’t have to add to the 69 percent of people who regret their choice.  We really do believe that finding the right car can be easier and more rewarding.  Less ache, less remorse, and more satisfaction.  Talk to someone from our team if you want to learn more about how we can help you find the right car.  If you’re not ready yet, say no more! Just subscribe to our blog to read more upcoming info about how we are less like the dentist and more like your realtor. We are here for you, to educate and guide, so that you end up with the right fit; minus the regret.  Let’s stay in touch.

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