We all have that one friend.  The one who loves to drive the crew anywhere and everywhere but drives like their seat is on fire. You question their peripheral vision and spit out a few half words when you see another car scooting into your lane.  “Wa..” Be..” “Sl…” But the last thing you’ll ever be is a backseat driver. They can’t see your hand on the door gripping the life out of your knuckles. Better yet, we all have that one friend. The one who immediately raises a hand after you suggest, “let’s go get some food” with pure willingness on their their face to say, “I’ll drive!!”  You wish you would’ve offered first. You hide that cringe on your face and mutter a reluctant “sounds good.” Their car has seen better days and you never feel 100% safe inside. Deep down you know how much they love their car and love driving it, but somehow they just don’t sense the dread in the air when anyone is seated in the death trap. You call it “the death trap” behind closed doors.  Better yet, we all have that one friend. The one whose air conditioning is shot and windows don’t roll down. Sometimes, when they give it the extra gas to get above 45, the shakes put a lump in your throat. Who knows the last time that car has seen an oil change let alone seen its hood get popped open.


We all know that one person. The one who drives too fast, way too slow, or with just a little too much free spirit. The one who is gleefully oblivious to the critical state of their vehicle. The one who desperately needs a different car. And the real reason you grip so tight to the door is simply because you care about them, their safety, and of course, your own.  You only want safety for all. We all know that one friend, that one family member, that one beloved pal. If you can’t think of anyone right now it might just be you. For years, we’ve served customers whose vehicles were on their last leg and guided them to a better, safer vehicle. We get it. You know those people and you are those people. Just passively tag them, send them this post, or maybe you need to reach out to us yourself 😉

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